Dash Diet: Diet Review

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These days, we all are very interested in finding out more about the dietary regimes or eating plans which can come in handy for us, when needing to lose pounds rapidly or developing healthy eating habits that can keep us safe and secure from catching various health illnesses and disorders which can mess up with our lives. The truth is that obesity is a serious problem currently affecting more and more people, regardless of their ages. Yet, it seems that not too many people know what weight loss programs to select, in order to efficiently lose pounds and also protect their health in the long run. So, if we’ve caught your attention and you want to find out more about an eating plan which can help you drop weight and also improve your health, stick close and read our article. Well, among other great weight loss diets, we want to present you the Dash Diet which, aside from the fact that has good results in weight loss, also lowers the cholesterol and blood pressure. Now this should be great news, especially if we think that the high levels of cholesterol are the principal cause leading to strokes and heart diseases. So, if you have somebody close to you who has to deal with hypertension, certain heart conditions, yet wants to drop weight, you should definitely tell him/her about this eating plan.

  • Health benefits

As we mentioned above, the Dash Diet is one of the healthiest eating plans one can find around. Overall, this diet’s health benefits are tied to the fact that it requires people to eat natural, fresh foods which have nothing to do with various highly processed foods, starchy or high-fat aliments, which are well-know to come at package with various health disorders. You should know that DASH is the acronym for “dietary approaches to stop hypertension”. But, this weight loss plan is not only the best remedy for people suffering from hypertension or pre-hypertension, as it has been reported to lower the risk of developing other types of health disorders as well, such as kidney stones, renal insufficiency, strokes, diabetes, and even different types of cancer.

  • What You Can Eat

The first thing you need to know regarding the ingredients of Dash Diet, is that they refer to vitamin-packed legumes, vegetables and fruits which all people should include in their eating plans, in order to improve their health and keep it that way. Another thing we need to mention is that all meal plans that this diet brings into focus refer either to low sodium or no sodium recipes. For further information on what you can eat, when sticking to this healthy diet, you can read the free guides that the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute published.