Slow Carb Diet: Diet Review

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  • Overview

The diet we want to bring into focus today is called the Slow Carb Diet and it was introduced to the public by Tim Ferris, an American writer, entrepreneur and public speaker. Unlike other diets which are based on restrictive eating plans that dieters should stick to all along when following them, this diet comes with something new, which Tim Ferris termed as “one day off” and which he presented in detail in his book, called “The 4 Hour Body”. Moreover, you should know that the promoter of this diet experienced himself the Slow Carb Diet, prior to telling other people about it.

Overall, this weight loss plan supports the idea that eating only foods with low glycemic index can make a positive difference, when following a diet which should result in efficient weight loss. In other words, we can say that keeping blood sugar levels under control can lead to weight loss. So, if you decide to give this diet a try, you should learn more about the foods which need to be removed from your daily meals, so that you can improve your condition and reduce the risk of various obesity-related complications.

  • What you can eat

Well, as mentioned above, this eating plan recommends dieters to consume only foods with a low glycemic index. This means that you have to cut from your list all starchy foods, desserts, fruits and other related aliments which are high in sugar. On the other hand, Tim Ferris gives dieters the alternative to eat more protein and we should mention that poultry and beef are the best options he comes up with, when considering the meal plans of this weight loss program. However, he also highlights the fact that consuming veggies can lead to weight loss, especially if mixed with red and white meat. Among the foods and drinks he presents as beneficial, when dropping weight, we should mention eggs; red, pinto or black beans; mushrooms; spinach; lentils; tea; coffee; kefir; wine and water.

  • Take one day off per week

The Slow Carb Diet allows dieters to break the chain of dieting with a cheat day, when people can feel free to eat whatever they please, without having to worry that they will gain back the lost pounds. However, since this cheat day happens once a week, it comes more like a reward to those struggling to avoid food temptation for the rest of the week ‘s days.