The 4 Day Diet

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  • Introduction

There are innumerable weight loss programs you can select among if you want to change your lifestyle, improve your health and get the body you’ve always dreamed of. Anyway, in what follows we are going to tell you more about the 4 Day Diet, which comes in handy for those who need to get rid of extra pounds fast for an important event, or a special occasion. So, if we’ve caught your attention, continue reading, as we are going to give you more information about this wonder diet which can help you get to your desired weight in less time than you imagine.

To begin with, you need to know that this diet was created by Dr. Ian Smith, who also wrote the Fat Smash Diet. However, what separates this diet from other eating plans is that it gives dieters a great deal of variety in its meal plans, which should be changed every four days.

  • How it works

Even though the name this diet has can mislead you into thinking that you will only have to follow it for four days, you should know that, in reality, the 4 Day Diet last longer than that. Actually, this weight loss program consists of seven different modules which last for 4 days each. The diet proposes to help dieters reach their ideal weight, by simply requiring them to stick to certain eating habits for four days, instead of more days or weeks at the time. Thus, dieters can avoid boredom, when on diet, and their bodies are prevented from accumulating fat, since their metabolism can not adjust to certain foods, as they will vary and be different every four days. The reason more and more dieters choose to follow this diet is that it keeps them satisfied with the diversity of foods they are allowed to eat and, implicitly, with the fact that there is no repetition which can lead to boredom, which happens when eating the same foods over and over again.

  • The Seven Modules

Like we said before, the 4 Day Diet is based on seven different modules, which dieters should stick to. The seven modules are as following:

  • Induction – this phase has to do with cleansing dieter’s body of toxins;
  • transition – this phase introduces all food groups into the diet;
  • Protein stretch – it teaches dieters to avoid plateaus;
  • Smooth – this phase allows dieters to eat forbidden foods;
  • Push – dieters go back to a strict dietary regimen;
  • Peace – the easiest phase of the diet which allows dieters to catch their breath;
  • Vigorous – the last phase which aims to help dieters get rid of the remaining few pounds.