The Fruit Flush Diet

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  • Introduction

These days, more and more dieters become aware of the fact that their diet plan should first focus on a body detox phase. It is well-know that, in most cases, obesity can be blamed on unhealthy meals, or highly processed foods that people consume and which lead to accumulation of fat and toxins in their bodies. Luckily, there’s always a solution that nature gives us in order to remove toxins from our bodies, improve our general health and, implicitly, lose weight.

One thing we can all agree with is the fact that following both a good diet and a body detox program is a great way to lose weight efficiently and boost our energy levels. If you want to find out more about such diet that can make you feel energized throughout the day and confident about your new, slimmer body, continue reading, because we will introduce you to the fruit flush diet.

To begin with, you should know that this diet was created by a clinical nutritionist named Jay Robb and it aims to help those who need to lose a few extra pounds fast. This diet is meant to last no longer than three days at a time, otherwise you may face a serious malnutrition problem. On the other hand, if this program works for you like no other, you can continue with it for up to 12 weeks, allowing you 4 days per week to eat a variety of foods, so your body is properly nourished.

  • What you can eat

As the name suggests, you will have to consume mostly fruits when following this three day fruit flush diet. If you think that you’ll starve yourself following this plan, think again because there are many ways in which you can prepare your favorite fruits so that you won’t feel stomach pain due to hunger, or have to worry about strong food cravings. For instance, you can make fruit purees, shakes, smoothies, natural juices or simply eat them raw; regardless the way you want to consume fruits, they will certainly help you cleanse your body of harmful toxins and make you look slimmer. It is extremely important to know that water is another essential element in this diet. That is why you should drink it in large amounts, to better detoxify your body.

The fruit flush diet is based on consuming an unlimited amount of fresh fruit throughout the day, and from time to time dieters can eat a meal consisting of veggies, salads and lean sources of protein, especially in the evening.