The Lemonade Diet

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  • Overview

If you are overweight and you are looking for the right diet that can help you get into shape, continue reading, as in this article we will provide you with more information about the lemonade diet, a program that certainly is not new around. However, this diet seems to have gained more popularity than ever these days, especially among women. Its success is mostly tied to the famous female pop singer, Beyonce Knowles, who has announced to have dropped up to 20 pounds by following this diet. If you are unfamiliar with what the plan involves and which are the rules, we are going to clarify those aspects in the following paragraphs.

To begin with, you must know that this diet was created by Stanley Burroughs and many people also know it as the Master Cleanse Diet. Moreover, thanks to the well-known health benefits of lemon or lime, this diet was primarily designed as a detox program, the optimal solution when wanting to flush away harmful toxins from the body. However, since the detox program also lead to weight loss, people started to use it, simply because they needed to lose weight fast.

  • How it works

The lemonade diet dramatically limits the calorie intake, thus forcing the body to burn fat. However, we should tell you that this diet must be followed only for a short period of time, otherwise it can lead to serious health disorders and even weaken your immune system. Generally, most dieters choose to follow this detox diet for a week, or a maximum period of 14 days. This diet consists of drinking a lemon detox drink six times a day. It is extremely important to know that solid foods are not allowed when on this diet, and every time you feel hungry you have to ingest lemonade drinks. On the other hand, if you feel too tired, dizzy, or light headed, you should stop dieting and eat solid foods, otherwise you may experience malnutrition.

  • Ingredients to prepare your lemonade drink

As we mentioned above, the lemonade diet is based on consuming 6 or more servings of a lemonade drink per day. If you want to learn how to prepare the lemonade drink, you will need the following ingredients: organic lemons, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper, salt and filtered water. Additionally, you have to ingest a saltwater drink every morning when on the diet, in order to cleanse your body of harmful toxins.