Weight Loss Myths Busted

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Nowadays, one can find tons of weight loss programs, when ready to change things with weight gain for the better. Yet we can all agree to the fact that the huge diversity of diets available around can make our decisions on picking the right eating plans quite difficult. Moreover, since there are various weight loss myths which easily spread among dieters and influence their minds, when choosing their short or long-term diets, we should definitely take a couple of minutes to present you a few common weight loss myths busted. So, stick close and read on the valuable information we have for you.

  • Myth1 – If you skip meals, you will lose weight faster. This is not true and there’s more; if you choose to skip a meal or two on a daily basis, simply because you want to drop a few pounds rapidly, you should know that, once you get back to your eating patterns, you will put on more weight than you previously had. Many researches come to support this fact and they have proved that skipping meals is definitely not a solution, when efficiently dropping weight.


  • Myth 2 – Carbohydrates lead to weight gain. Many dieters think that the optimal solution to weight loss is to stay away from carbohydrates. Well, this is definitely not true. Carbohydrates should not be avoided, when on a diet, because they are just as important as proteins and fats are; not to mention that they facilitate important functions of our bodies. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that carbs need to be consumed in moderation otherwise they are likely to be converted into fat deposits, which will lead to weight gain. What you can do is to learn how to read nutrition labels, so that to keep the carbohydrate intake to about 20% of your diet.


  • Myth 3 – Fats need to be completely eliminated, when on a diet. Well, among other weight loss myths busted, this one is partly true. Fats are necessary as well, when leading a healthy life, yet dieters need to learn how to distinguish between good fats and bad fats. Generally, saturated fats are those which should be avoided, when making room for healthy eating habits in our lives.


  • Myth 4 – Intense workouts lead to weight drop. Fitness exercises and workouts have their role, when burning fat and building lean muscle mass, yet you should know that many dieters the more they do their workouts, the more they eat, which won’t help them keep their weight under control. There are more weight loss myths busted you can find around, and for further information you can browse the Internet.